Featured Local: Local 881

Local 881 is a UFCW affiliate based in Illinois. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of its recent spending, as well as unfair labor practices and other legal action taken against the union.*

Amount Spent on Officer Salaries and Disbursements in 2019


Amount Spent on Staff Salaries and Disbursements in 2019


Number of Staff and Officers Making Six Figures in 2019


Number of Unfair Labor Practices (last 20 years)


2019 Featured Spending by Category 

wdt_ID Category Total
1 Advocacy 424,556
2 Airplanes 16,466
3 Events 103,020
4 Lawyers 317,654
5 PR & Consulting 173,367
6 Total 1,035,063
Category Total

All 2019 Spending 

Legal Action Against the Local:

Two employees filed a lawsuit against Local 881 in 2005 arguing that the union did not keep members informed of ongoing contract negotiations, and failed to let members vote to ratify their collective bargaining agreement — something that eventually led to a push to decertify Local 881.

Unfair Labor Practice Charges:

In the last 20 years, this union local has had about 50 unfair labor practice charges filed against it for allegations including “coercion” and “statements and violence.” 

*All spending data is taken from the union’s latest financial filing with the Department of Labor.