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Prop 22 Opponents Have a Bad Case of Sour Grapes

This week, Proposition 22 — a California ballot measure that allows certain gig workers to be exempt from the state’s AB 5 law — passed with 58 percent of the vote. Now, app-based drivers for gig companies including Uber and Lyft are able to retain their independent contractor stat… Read More Team

“Grassroots” Gig Workers Collective Exposed As UFCW Front

The Gig Workers Collective, a 501c3 nonprofit which claims to be a “grassroots” representative of gig workers, is at least partially supported and managed by the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW). The Gig Workers Collective’s cozy relationship with the UFCW was reveal… Read More Team

UFCW Locals Keep Bylaws Out of Members’ Hands

Among the more memorable examples of unions’ anti-transparency antics is the UFCW’s 2002 lawsuit to keep its constitution hidden from the public. Labor Notes reported in 2002: In February, the UFCW International had joined with UFCW Canada and Local 777 (now re-organized as Local 247) in… Read More Team

New Website Details Five Years of UFCW Spending, Including $6 Million to One Consulting Firm

The Center for Union Facts is launching, a new website that highlights the United Food and Commercial Workers’ (UFCW) spending history. According to the site’s data, which was taken from the union’s LM-2 filings over the last five years (2015-2019), the UFCW has… Read More Team

UFCW’s Two-Faced Tactics in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union has been involved in a years-long crusade against in-store shoppers — employees of a third-party company who provide grocery delivery services. But it turns out, the same union that’s trying to put these shoppers out of… Read More Team

Union Push to Reclassify Workers in CA Could Result in 900,000 Jobs Lost

As if workers didn’t have enough to deal with while trying to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, California has gone and made matters even worse. The state is suing rideshare apps Uber and Lyft for violating the state’s AB5 law by allegedly misclassifying workers as independent contracto… Read More Team

Labor-Backed Attorneys Target Uber and Lyft in Lawsuit

This week, the state of California filed a lawsuit against ride-share companies Uber and Lyft. The lawsuit claims these gig companies are misclassifying workers as independent contractors under the state’s AB5 law. The suit was filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra; city att… Read More Team

NLRB Asked to Take Action Against UFCW Scheme Forcing Union Membership

National labor unions are profiting off of the expanding recreational and medicinal cannabis industry, and the most egregious offender is the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW). This week, the National Right to Work Foundation (NRTWF) asked the National Labor Relations Boa… Read More Team

Out-of-Control Union Spending: Super Bowl Edition

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, it’s time to round up the amount of money labor unions have spent on sporting events. Several unions are guilty of using members’ dues money to buy tickets to professional sporting events or purchase advertising at arenas. According to Department of L… Read More Team

Union President Pay Watch, 2018

The AFL-CIO, America’s largest federation of labor unions, recently released its annual Executive Paywatch report. AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler describes the report as “further proof of America’s income inequality crisis,” for which she blames CEOs who are “pa… Read More Team